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Tips for your In-Home Newborn Session

Hey peeps! So as a photographer without a studio, when I take newborn photos, we are either at the hospital or in the family's home. I get a lot of questions from parents about what is needed to capture great photos during your Lifestyle Newborn Session. So I decided to write some tips down to share!!

  1. Tidy up. You have a newborn. I am certainly NOT expecting your house to be spotless. But maybe tidy up a few rooms that you particularly think would be cute to photograph in. For example, a family room/living room, maybe your bedroom for some snuggly photos, and maybe the baby room. I am always available to help move stuff once we get there if we need to!

  2. Wear comfy clothes. I know ladies, easier said than done only 4 days post-birth! But try to plan ahead a bit before baby arrives and order something loose fitting and typically I recommend neutrals. Clothing with words or bright colors can distract from your sweet bundle, and let's be honest, the show is kind of about him/her now!

  3. If you have other children, have a snack or two ready and potentially a toy for when they are not the center of attention. You know why. Some of my clients have even brought Grandma or Grandpa over to help keep the older kiddos occupied! Plus we can always sneak a few photos with the grandparents, and you know they would LOVE that.

  1. (If you want any naked/slightly naked baby photos) Try and pump the temperature in your home up a few notches. 75 degrees is about right. This will help baby adjust to not being held in your arms for those individual shots. I also bring a space heater, so if we need to, we can bring that out to warm up the space a bit quickly without you all getting too toasty.

  2. Change and then feed baby right before or right at time to start. This will help baby be most comfortable before their big modeling debut. We might even catch some of those sleepy smiles that warm your hearts!

  3. Pick a time during the day that has plenty of light. I usually recommend morning or middle of the day for these shots, but you know your home! Try to watch when the lighting seems the prettiest or best in your home and let me know your thoughts! We don't necessarily need direct light (so shining right in you face) but diffuse lighting is lovely! Also that sweet morning/evening sunrise/sunset lighting is pretty too!

  4. Have some fun! Things don't always go as planned! That is ok! Let's just capture this little moment of your lives. Don't stress. Even if only 1 room in your house is semi-tidy, we will make it work.

What other kind of photography related topics do you want to hear about?

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